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Duo leather gloved milking part 2

February 16, 2018,  8 mins 56

Helpless and tied up, our glove slave gets teased mercilessly by our leather gloved hands. He is so desperate to cum now, ha ha. Watch how he gets smothered by our gloves before he gets to shoot his load

Contains: leather gloves, blonde, femdom, handjob, bondage, cum on gloves, high heels

Horny glove fetish exam part 2

February 12, 2018,   7 mins 17

Linda gets a deep exam by kinky nurse Liza who inserts her surgically gloved fingers inside her female patient. This girl is so wet! She clearly has the be diagnosed as a horny glove fetish lover.

Contains: latex gloves, medical, girl/girl, toy, blonde, high heels

Nikki's rubber glove addiction

February 8, 2018,   10 mins 35

Nikki can't help herself, she is drawn to the big boxes full of rubber gloves! They smell so good and there are so many of them! She simply has to try them on and test them out on her wet pussy.

Contains: fitting, household gloves, blonde, solo, masturbation, high heels

Our cockold glove slave part 1

February 4, 2018,   7 mins 55

Watch our leather gloved hands and drool! Miss Tina and I grab your attention with our leathers and you know you are going to be a good boy, a good glove slave, aren't you? We love having fun together and teasing you with our sexy bodies and outfits. The pleasure is all OURS, you can dream of this....you are nothing more than our cuckold slave

Contains: boots, leather gloves, girl/girl, femdom, strap-on, pantyhose

Leather glove pervert milked

January 31, 2018,   11 mins 16

Annie loves her Leather and gloves but it seems she is not the only one! She just got caught perving over the number 1 glove fetish site and now she has a big and very hard cock in front of her! It seems these two glove perverts are going to have some sexy fun with a pair of leather gloves and the outcome will be a big load of spunk of course!

Contains: leather gloves, boots, handjob, POV, cum on gloves, masturbation

Glovemansion's dental hour

January 27, 2018,   11 mins 19

Welcome viewers to the Glovemansion's Dental hour where I, doctor Liza and my lovely assistant Nomi will demonstrate the love for our job as dentists. This is a special and kinky kind of documentary of course.

Contains: dentist, latex gloves, mask, medical, girl/girl, high heels

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