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Hot blondes love dental play part 2

February 16, 2019,  12 mins 12

After the dental exam, the two blondes are now hot and horny for each other. Dentist Nikki is going to teach the joys of surgical gloves to her female patient. Want to watch how she slides those gloved hands in Shona's panties and how both girls go crazy for those gloved fingers deep inside their wet pussies?

Contains: medical, blonde, latex gloves, girl/girl, high heels, dentist

New leather gloves handjob

February 12, 2019,   12 mins 37

How sexy are these new black leather gloves?! They are a perfect fit and I love the touch and smell of them so much. Let's test these beauties on your cock and balls, shall we? I know you are going to enjoy my gloved hands stroking your hard dick. Unlined, short black leather gloves give you such a boner! Let's make them sticky with your CUM.

Contains: leather gloves, fitting, pantyhose, POV, handjob, cum on gloves

Foamy rubber glove play with Tina

February 8, 2019,   9 mins 30

Housewife Tina is about to do the dishes and slips on her yellow rubber gloves for some fun with foam and herself. Bending over the kitchen counter, she uses her household gloves for intense pleasure. Her pussy only gets wetter and wetter. Would you like to see her masturbate with gloves on?

Contains: household gloves, stockings, high heels, solo, masturbation, fitting

Surgical gloves and condom handjob part 2

February 4, 2019,   16 mins 42

Now that my strap-on is ready, it is time to fill up your asshole and fuck you as I stroke your condom covered cock with my surgical gloves. I change and lube my gloves many times: white, transparent and semi-transparent gloves are all being used for pleasure. The milking happens by jerking you off in to the condom.

Contains: latex gloves, fitting, pantyhose, anal, strap-on, handjob, condom, cumshot

Defeated by our leather gloves

January 31, 2019,   9 mins 01

He knows he is no match for our dangerous black leather gloves. He will be forced to inhale the leather, he will be smothered by our hands, he will be teased and taunted until we are done playing with him. Our gloves will defeat him.

Contains: leather gloves, femdom, high heels

Black latex gloved handjob

January 27, 2019,   12 mins 08

You cannot resist the sound of my latex gloves, nor their shine and sexy shape. Your cock gets hard by just watching me play with my gloved hands. You crave to feel them on your dick and balls. That soft, slippery touch of latex, pumps your cock and makes it throbbing. Feel my sexy hands slowly jerk you off, up and down, massaging your balls. Your balls that are so full and are in need of a good draining. Let's wank you off and make you cum on my black latex gloves.

Contains: latex gloves, POV, handjob, cum on gloves, lingerie, stockings

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