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Housewife's recipe for an orgasm

December 6, 2016,  10 mins 48

Let's get cooking and get all the ingredients together for your intense orgasm. Firstly we need a pair of sexy rubber gloves, a nice and shiny latex apron, hot heels and a slow jerking start.Are you ready to be brought to your boiling point and eventually explode on to my pink rubber gloved hands?

Contains: apron, stockings, high heels, household gloves, tease, handjob, POV, cum on gloves, fitting

Short leather glove smothering

December 2, 2016,   8 mins 53

I absolutely love to smother my slave with my leather gloved hands, to feel him struggle for air, to see his body in slight panic. But he must learn to trust his Mistress and know that getting oxygen is a privilege. So I cover his face with my short leather gloves until he understands.

Contains: leather gloves, femdom, GOM, boots

Pervy student's leather glovejob part 2

November 28, 2016,   8 mins 08

Miss Zara has summoned her pervert student to the front of the class and finally allows him to feel the soft touch of her leather gloves. He has admired and wanked on his teacher so much and now she is in control of his orgasm! He would love to shoot his load on her gloved hands.

Contains: high heels, leather gloves, redhead, handjob, cum on gloves

Jerk off with Doctor Tina

November 24, 2016,   12 mins 12

Eliminate germs and viruses out with Doctor Tina. She will make you feel better! Follow her instructions as the doctor always knows best. Stroke to her rhythm and watch her latex gloved hands slide over her shaven pussy. Jerk yourself off with sexy Tina.

Contains: medical, JOI, latex gloves, high heels, lingerie, masturbation

Addicted to our household gloves part 2

November 21, 2016,   8 mins 26

We love our household gloves, can you tell? Maid Nikki and I both enjoy playing with our tight rubber gloves and teasing you in the meantime. We will get you hard and excited, then instruct you on how to cum for us. Are you ready?

Contains: household gloves, maid, latex, high heels, stockings, girl/girl, blonde, JOI

Leather gloved Angel

November 16, 2016,   10 mins 09

Angel simply adores leather. This blonde beauty slowly puts her long black leather gloves on for her pleasure. Then wraps her nude body in her long leather coat and finally uses her gloved fingers to satisfy herself. Would you like to join in?

Contains: blonde, leather gloves, fitting, boots, solo, masturbation

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