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Wank instructions by nurse Nikki
Wank instructions by nurse Nikki
Wank instructions by nurse Nikki

Wank instructions by nurse Nikki

June 7, 2023,   9 mins 33

Hello patient, nurse Nikki is ready for you now. She will take charge and show you how to masturbate and get yourself really hard for her. Of course she will tighten her surgical gloves first as she knows how much a hot nurse in gloves turns you on. Get your cock out for nurse Nikki and follow her JOI instructions.

Contains: medical, fitting, latex gloves, blonde, JOI, POV, high heels

Slave gets a double handjob

June 3, 2023,   13 mins 33

Madame Moist and Fetish Liza tease their leather loving slave with their divine bodies, high boots and leather gloves. He will be put to the test, as he cannot cum until he is allowed. To feel all these gloved hands on his hard cock and balls is such a huge turn-on. The two strict ladies love to tease him until he is about to explode onto their gloves.

Contains: leather gloves, femdom, blonde, boots, handjob, masturbation, cum on gloves

Cum polish my rubber boots and gloves

May 30, 2023,   9 mins 40

Rubber gloves, rubber boots and shiny latex...you must be getting very excited. Let's start by exploring my Hunter boots and Casabella black gloves...the touch, smell and look is mesmerizing, isn't it? I want you hard and ready for me, as I require a big load of cum on both my boots and gloves.

Contains: household gloves, boots, latex, JOI, POV, femdom, dungeon

Orgasm therapy by sexy nurses

May 26, 2023,   13 mins 22

When the male patient simply enters the clinic, nurses Vicky and Nesty are a bit surprised...but they let him in anyways. It seems he is suffering from orgasm problems but that won't be for long. These kinky gloved nurses know how to pump his excitement, get him rock hard and milk him effortlessly...he just needed the right stimulation.

Contains: latex gloves, medical, POV, handjob, cumshot, blonde, high heels

Edge and cum for my leather gloves

May 22, 2023,   9 mins 10

A luxury leather outfit needs a pair of luxurious leather gloves of course. And aren't you lucky by getting so close to them. Stroke yourself for my beautiful Burberry gloves, smell and taste them... I want you to edge until you are about to explode.

Contains: fitting, leather gloves, boots, pantyhose, POV, JOI

Yellow rubber gloves cum

May 18, 2023,   10 mins 16

Yellow rubber gloves make your cock so hard! Coco is an expert at using her gloved hands on your dick to extract as much cum as possible.

Contains: POV, handjob, household gloves, cum on gloves, high heels

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