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Addicted to designer gloves

March 26, 2020,  10 mins 58

Let's face it: you are a leather glove addict and that is perfectly fine. I share this passion with you and I know how much you crave luxury designer gloves just like me. I am going to model three pairs of my finest leather gloves with you, show you the perfect leather, the stitching, the sexy lines and let you smell them. With each pair, your cock gets harder and harder...your addiction is strong and you can't wait until I let you cum on my gloved hands.

Contains: fitting, leather gloves, high heels, POV, pantyhose, JOI

Wet pussy for medical gloves

March 22, 2020,   8 mins 24

Latex nurse Nesty only has one thing on her mind: feeling her surgical gloves deep inside her wet pussy and making herself cum. Why don't you join her and indulge in your fetish?

Contains: mask, latex gloves, blonde, solo, masturbation, medical, latex, high heels

Multi rubber gloves handjob part 2

March 18, 2020,   8 mins 02

Each type of glove gives a specific sensation and I want your dick as hard as possible. You will love my gloved hands on your hard dick for milking.

Contains: household gloves, handjob, pov, cum on gloves, high heels, stockings

Leather handjob by two blondes part 1

March 14, 2020,   7 mins 31

Nikki and Shona want your CUM on their sexy black leather gloves and they know just how to get you there.

Contains: blonde, leather gloves, handjob, high heels, POV

Nurse Tina’s JOI Treatment

March 10, 2020,   11 mins 16

Feeling a bit blue? Nurse Tina knows just the thing to cheer you up. She slips in to her tight surgical gloves and makes sure you breath in her medicine. Are you feeling the effect this hot nurse has on you already? Are you getting mesmerized by her gloved hands and sexy body? Then follow her instructions as she will need a cum sample from you.

Contains: medical, JOI, fitting, latex gloves, POV, high heels

Milked with My long leather gloves

March 6, 2020,   11 mins 21

Jeans, boots and a leather jacket...I am dressed to go out but I am missing some gloves. What do you think about these ultra long red leather ones? They look very sexy don't they? Let me put them on slowly...I can see they have quite the effect on you. Maybe we should have some fun with these red leather gloves first, I bet they feel amazing on your cock and balls. The leather is exquisite

Contains: boots, leather gloves, fitting, POV, handjob, cum on gloves

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