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Dental exam and milking stage2
Dental exam and milking stage2
Dental exam and milking stage2

Dental exam and milking stage2

February 26, 2024,   12 mins 12

After the full dental exam, our patient's holes need to be filled up by our fingers before we make him our bound captive and edge him with our gloved hands. He will be so desperate for a release! The milking machine will be doing it's job on his big erection, ready to drain him.

Contains: dentist, medical, latex gloves, boots, femdom, anal, handjob, cumshot

Cum on my vintage leather gloves

February 22, 2024,   9 mins 54

Vintage gloves are always special and aren't you excited to feel them on your hard cock? I mean they smell amazing and they are SO soft! No way you can resist my tight leather grip. I am going to make you twitch and empty your balls.

Contains: fitting, leather gloves, boots, POV, pantyhose, handjob, cum on gloves

Glove pervert pegged and milked stage1

February 18, 2024,   8 mins 03

So he loves touching his cock with rubber gloves? Then there is going to be no problem servicing ours too, with his hands, mouth and fuck hole. He will be put to good use!

Contains: household gloves, femdom, high heels, fitting, pantyhose

Sensual nylon gloves handjob

February 14, 2024,   11 mins 00

Love the touch of nylons and gloves? Of course you do, they feel amazing! I will get you hard in no time with my gloved hands. Keeping you on the edge as I tease you with my nyloned feet as well. SO much nylon will make you burst and cum soon.

Contains: nylon gloves, POV, handjob, cum on gloves, lingerie, stockings

Bound slave milked by leather Dommes part2

February 10, 2024,   7 mins 11

They are in charge of his body, his cock and his orgasm so he must hold himself back until he is allowed a release on their leather gloves.

Contains: leather gloves, blonde, femdom, handjob, boots, cum on gloves

Cock and prostate milking POV stage2

February 6, 2024,   7 mins 33

Now I will be focusing my attention on your prostate and ass. With my long strap-on cock I can find the perfect spots and angles to stretch your hole and get you even more excited whilst stroking your cock with my soft surgical gloved hands. But no spunk shooting yet!

Contains: latex gloves, medical, POV, handjobs, anal, strap-on

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