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Lethal lady Lucy Zara
Lethal lady Lucy Zara
Lethal lady Lucy Zara

Lethal lady Lucy Zara

November 27, 2022,   7 mins 47

He had no idea but his life would shortly end...Gorgeous and clad in leather, assassin Lucy Zaea gets closer and closer to her victim. She is precise, sharp and loves her job as a hitwoman. She never misses, never gets caught. Being on top of her game gets her off, makes her horny and always ends with a wank and a cigarette. Watch this busty blonde as she completes her task and teases you with her hot body and smoking skills.

Contains: leather gloves, blonde, big boobs, stockings, outdoors, high heels, solo, masturbation

Red hot latex nurse JOI

November 23, 2022,   10 mins 47

You are burning up! You need a release and your red hot latex gloved nurse knows exactly how to make you explode. Follow her shiny gloves and stroke to her instructions so you can explode on to her gloved hands and you will feel so much better!

Contains: POV, latex gloves, JOI, boots, pantyhose, medical

Maid's kinky rubber glovejob part1

November 19, 2022,   7 mins 04

I don't think the guest expected this type of treatment in his hotel room but it seems these maids are just far too horny...

Contains: household gloves, stockings, high heels, latex, blonde, handjob

Ready for her play date

November 15, 2022,   8 mins 35

Sexy Coco is waiting for her play date, all dressed in hot lingerie and leather gloves...the touch and smell of her gloved hands is driving her horny and she decides to have some fun already. It feels SO good to masturbate with gloves!

Contains: leather gloves, boots, stockings, solo, masturbation

The pervy dentist's patient

November 11, 2022,   12 mins 21

Not every patient fears the visit to the dentist, it seems this girl is very interested in my tools, gloves and practice. She eventually admits she has "a thing" for medical procedures and that my surgical gloves are turning her on. I decide to check and see for myself just how horny she really is.

Contains: dentist, medical, latex gloves, fitting, mask, blonde, girl/girl, high heels

Kitchen boy pegged and milked part1

November 7, 2022,   11 mins 40

My kitchen boy is in trouble! He has been caught masturbating with my rubber gloves without permission! Now he will be punished with my wooden paddle and gloved hands as I spank him.

Contains: household gloves, high heels, femdom, strap-on

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