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Double leather glove smother

January 24, 2021,  10 mins 04

Oxygen is going to be very hard to get for our slave...with 4 leather gloved hands covering and smothering his face. He has no escape from our dangerously sexy hands. He will feel those gloved hands approaching his face, taking his breath away, he will suffer and struggle for air. We make things extra difficult by tormenting his nipples and using our butts to smother him as well.

Contains: leather gloves, smother, dungeon, boots, femdom

Accidental handjob at the dentist

January 20, 2021,   18 mins 15

You are seeing me, your dentist, for a check-up...nothing unusual at all...until I notice your patient gown is hiding something underneath. Are you getting hard from my dental exam? My surgical gloves? Or is it both? I decide to take matters in to my own hands and jerk you off whilst continuing the check-up...

Contains: medical, latex gloves, mask, POV, handjob, cum on gloves

Rubber glove wanker milked part 1

January 16, 2021,   7 mins 44

Our rubber gloves smell funny. We demand an explanation from our house slave but we already know the answer: he has been using our kitchen gloves to wank himself off with.

Contains: household gloves, boots, femdom, handjobs, fitting

Long leather gloved lesbians

January 12, 2021,   11 mins 04

Wow! These girlfriends look so hot in their leathers, especially those long black leather gloves... Nesty and Vicky love playing with each other and using their gloved hands to masturbate and make each other's pussy wet!

Contains: blonde, leather gloves, girl/girl, boots

Cum covered surgical gloves part 2

January 8, 2021,   8 mins 48

Nurse Liz and I, Fetish Liza test several pairs of gloves on his cock and balls to see which ones give the most sensation. After all the testing and wanking, we finally release him and make him spunk on all the gloves.

Contains: handjob, POV, blonde, latex gloves, cum on gloves, medical

Rubber gloves and boots JOI

January 4, 2021,   9 mins 08

Rubber...is there anything that excites you more? Simply looking at me as I slip in to my rubber gloves is getting you hard already. Join me as we explore your love for rubber boots and gloves and stroke your cock for me. Let's get you dripping with excitement before releasing yourself on to my gloved hands and Hunter wellies.

Contains: boots, household gloves, strap-on, JOI, POV

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